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BattleOn Town News
ow in Valencia's Shop! You are assisting Kamui with a new age-reversing machine when something goes horribly wrong, and you’ll never guess who is behind it! Galanoth's Pike is now in the Limited-Time shop! Only here until Monday! PLUS: Amethyst Sunder set is now included free when you purchase the 12,000 Z-Token package.
Last updated: April 2, 2014 10:31:01 PM EDT

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Latest AQ News

AQ Daily Cap Issue Being Research By AQ Staff - July 25, 2012
Dev has verified that the published stats formulas (the same formulas used to calculate the daily caps here on are correct as implemented in the AQ engine. There is a confirmed issue with players capping slightly (1%-3%) before the cap and this is being investigated now. more...

Release of Overlord and Twlight Sets is Live - July 13, 2012
Dev via the AQ forums: "Kam, LB and I worked very on this release and I can say with great satisfaction that is live. "As if the wasn't good enough... extra pro tip. Go check the Z-Token armors shop for an old armor revamp! :D) more...

Release of Revamped Reign and Shadow Sets Will Be Delayed - July 12, 2012
Lord Barrius from the AQ Forums" "Kamui has been working like crazy and without much sleep for a good long while on this release, but the release isn't quite ready yet, folks. So there will be a delay. As we said, this is a huge release and such delays are going to happen sometimes. Not going to promise a time schedule since that would require being capable of seeing into the future. :P Please be patient for the time being. We will have the release out as soon as we're able." more...

Adventurer Quest Announces Release of Revamped Reign and Shadow Sets - July 10, 2012
Lord Barrius announced via Twitter and then confirmed on the Adventure Quest forums that the official release for this week will be the updating of the Reign and Shadow sets. The set will be renamed concurrent with the release. The Reign set will now be called the Overlord set. The Shadow set will no be called the Twilight set. Lord Barrius is releasing daily teasers on the Adventure Quest Forums. Look under General Discussion/ Design Notes on the Adventure Quest forum for details about the "the biggest revamp in the history of AQ." more...

Latest AQStats News

We Are Back (Sort Of) - July 12, 2012
All the formula on is slowly being brought up to date. This will take a great deal of time so please be patient.... more...